December 04, 2013

Focus on frequency not production when it comes video marketing.

It does not matter if you’re a cupcake shop or a Fortune 100 company; it's essential your brand engages with clients. Customers who engage with your product are your number one advocates; they tell their friends about you and are the backbone of your business. This is not new, you know this!

What I am about to tell is something you will not hear from any other video production company. Are you ready? Here it is: Your video is not going viral! Let me say that again, you’re not the next “Chocolate Rain”!

Face the facts: most branded videos on YouTube get less than 1000 hits.

The biggest mistake I see, are companies who view video like a capital expenditure, not the living constantly evolving marketing tool it’s designed to be.

My advice: constantly update your website and customers with fresh video. Tell them what’s new about you, your product offerings or your achievements, heck even specials!

Bombard the web with video, more videos; mean more hits on Google. Like the milk in your fridge video has a shelf life. I don’t want to see the same video every time I go to your site and neither do your customers.

Sorry for the rant but then again what are blogs for?

If your curious this is why I started Press Media Communications. Companies are paying $5,000, $11,000, even $20,000 for a web video. Are you nuts? I am not going to my boss as a marketer saying look each hit cost us a 1,000 bucks.

I produced major broadcast quality news features solo. My company and corporate video’s have been seen by thousands of online viewers across the country. Eli Lilly wanted to feature one of my stories for a national campaign. I spent less than three hours shooting, writing, editing and tracking that story!

The face of video marketing is going to change in Indianapolis. High quality web videos are not just for the big guys anymore!

John LaBerge, Founder Press Media Communications